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#12033 raylib-lua 1.7 released
8 months, 4 weeks ago

Along with raylib 1.7, I also released raylib-lua 1.7, a Lua binding for raylib.

raylib-lua comes with all raylib examples ported to Lua (despite a couple of them doesn't work due to Lua limitations) and also rLua, a launcher program for raylib-lua programs.

rLua can be used from command line:

> rlua.exe examples/core/core_basic_window.lua

and also from a drag & drop window (created with raylib):

1) Launch rlua.exe.
2) Drag & drop .lua file.

With raylib-lua it's possible to code games in Lua language using raylib functionality, API is almost identical.

Like raylib, raylib-lua is free and open-source.