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#12962 rQuizzer - raylib based quizz exams generator tool
7 months, 4 weeks ago

Hello all,

Last course I created a small tool with raylib to automatize exams generation and correction: rQuizzer

Just decided to publish it in case it can be useful for any teacher out there.

Quizz options are configurable just editing a plain text file, also including questions and answers.

Undoubtly, this tool has made my life easier as a teacher (despite investing some dozens of hours creating it...).


  • Student ID Check
  • Students list configurable in module file
  • Any number of questions supported
  • Up-to 4 possible answers by question
  • Random questions order (random by ID)
  • Random answers order (random by ID)
  • Configurable quizz time (total time)
  • Configurable question time (individual time)
  • Configurable quizz validity (time span)
  • Instant results at the end of the quizz
  • Results (and additional data) exported codified
  • Results and correct answers can be viewed for learning
  • Easily configurable with a plain text file
  • Codified questions and answers file generation
  • Completely portable (single file)
  • Visuals completely configurable (on demand)
  • Multiplatform (on demand)

  • As always, all feedback is welcome. :)