Last week I was working on raygui, IMGUI raylib module (HMN post) and I've been working for some days on a small tool to test it: rTexViewer, a simple tool to view images and formats conversion

rTexViewer running video here.

It's been lot of fun working on it and I'm still adding gamedev-focused features like RAW input data format support (beside classic uncompressed/compressed formats, including DXT, KTX, ASTC...) and output support for configurable RAW, KTX, code (.h) and PNG. Also added command line usage, probably the most important feature.

I open this post to ask some questions and also get some feedback about desired/recommended features for a simple tool like this.

My questions:

- I'm using stb_dxt for DXT1/DXT5 data compression and also found etc1 (C) and rg_etc1 (C++) to support ETC1 data compression. Do you know any ETC2/ASTC C library (if possible header-only) to support that kind of compression? I've been checking crnlib but seems quite big and is C++.

- This tool in Windows with all its features in a self-contained .exe is smaller that 800KB... why most of the tools out there are usually SO big? I imagine is related to blown libraries usage but it's something that still makes me think... looking for a detailed technical explanation if possible.