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Raylib, TRACELOG and renderer
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I have two questions(with more questions inside them xD):

- Actually, raylib have SUPPORT_TRACELOG activated by default when using the library release (2.5) (show INFO logs, initializing, analyzing support for opengl 3.3), how can i deactivate all logs without compile the source? Can I do this? or I need recompile raylib? ( I want to see 'bash' clean :/ )

- How can I choose the renderer? I want to choose GLES 2.0, using released library (.a), the raylib say that it can be changed on compile. I know that exist -no-pie... . What is the argument to choose the renderer? or using X11, i can't do this? (By default is using OpenGL 3.x, right?)
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Raylib, TRACELOG and renderer
Hello indiuuh, here your answers:

- You can deactivate trace logs, just use SetTraceLogLevel(LOG_NONE); before InitWindow().

- When compiling raylib just pass the compiling flag: -DGRAPHICS_API_OPENGL_ES2