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emcripten version makefile template
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Hi everyone !
I'm trying to use raylib for web by using the makefile given with the game templates but I think that they are suited for old version emscripten (before 1.38.33) according to the path required. So we can't use the current version of emscripten to build games for web :/
I saw that changes had been done on the makefile to build raylib for web for the last emscripten update (after 1.38.31, commit : https://github.com/raysan5/raylib...-f57f2991a6aa25fe45d8036c51bf8b4d). I tried to copy these changes for template's makefile, I successfully compile but when testing on a localhost (with IIS under windows 10) I got a javascript error ...
I also tried to install emscripten 1.38.31 and use the old makefiles suited for emscripten 1.38.31 to both compile libraylib.bc and the "advance_game". Both compilations go well but when testing on my localhost I've got an error on advance_game.js "createDefaultDirectories:function(){FS.mkdir("/tmp");FS.mkdir("/home");FS.mkdir("/home/web_user")}"

How should we compile game for web ?
The problem is my localhost or the compilation ?
Also, why not realesing libraylib.bc for web as the other .a or .dll files ?

Thank you !
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emcripten version makefile template
Update : I finally had my game working for web by using the version 1.38.31 and old makefiles !
But I think the makefile for template are still an issue.
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emcripten version makefile template
Hi atom,

Thanks for letting me know. Yes, templates Makefile should be updated to use latest pre-defined emscripten paths. I'll try to do that as soon as possible.