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Raylib and WinMain
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In order to prevent the console opening alongside my programs, I figured changing the entry point would do the trick. It does work ultimately, but I still have a few questions about this.

Including windows.h causes some conflicts so I went in and manually fixed those, a bit tedious to do but i'm down with that! I'm wondering however if there's maybe another way to handle this kind of thing.

Also, is there maybe some other way to hide the console?

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Raylib and WinMain
Actually hidding the console could be done just with a compilation parameter, in case of GCC it is: -mwindows
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Raylib and WinMain
Muchas gracias!

You've sent me in the right direction. Msvc requires the following linker flags:
/linker /subsystem:windows /entry:mainCRTStartup

Using WinMain does this automatically.